Paul Shaw – Resignation statement

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Dear Brian
I have just read the examiners report which is as biased as I have ever seen but I am not going to go over it again only to say that the borough council were happy with it.

However Burston villagers as I have said need to be careful what they wished for as the village is now wide open for attack by developers and as I will have no restriction of being a councillor will be giving them every help and encouragement to achieve any planning applications they wish to make including on any of my land.
As you know I have resisted approaches from developers recently hoping that the village plan would be approved to stop them but now that has all changed.
So Brian to the main point of this e mail I am unable now after 4.years of work on this plan and about 6 years as a councillor to represent people who seem to act like nimbys and are against progress and are willing to see the village wither.
With regard to my invoice for the printing I will let you have that as soon as possible which is not unsubstantial but the hundreds of hours I have spent myself I give graciously to SANDON Parishioners

I am therefore tendering to you my resignation as of now today the 8th November 2016.

I wish you and other members of the council all the best for the future but I do not envy any time you will have to give to the Parish.

Paul Shaw