Notes for Annual Parish Assembly May 2019

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SANDON and BURSTON Annual Parish Assembly                                9th May 2018


Notes of the Meeting Chaired by Councillor S Shelley, Chairman of the Parish Council



Parish Councillors       C Capjon,  P Hickey, S Shelley, R Wildblood

Parishioners                 Mr & Mrs Selby, Mr & Mrs Rundle, Mr Wildblood, Mr & Mrs Hudson,


Parish Council Clerk   B A Boughey


1          Annual Report of the Parish Council


Presented by Councillor Shelley – Chairman of the Parish Council


Twelve Parish Council meetings were held, all at Sandon Parish Room, with an average of more than five Member Councillor in attendance and an average of five parishioners, primarily residents of Burston, attending each meeting.


Councillor Ian Parry continued to represent Stone Rural Division as County Councillor and attended the November Parish Council meeting.

The enlarged Milwich Ward which is represented by two Councillors, Councillor Frances Beatty and Councillor Andrew Harp.  Councillor Harp attended a third of the Parish Council meetings.


During the year :-

Burston Pool   The ownership debate and matter of the Fishing Stages continued.  The consensus by all parties concerned was that ownership should remain with Stafford Borough Council.  There remains an ongoing discussion between Stafford Borough and the Fishing Club regarding the fishing stages.


Footpath 36 part of Two Saints Way – part of the section between Burston Pool and the Canal Bridge.  The Parish Council is committed to undertake work to stabilise the stream banks along which the footpath passes including resetting the hinged gate.  Some materials have been provided by the County Rights of Way plus a grant towards the cost.


A Senior Citizens Lunch was held at The Greyhound with 23 parishioners attending.


Burston was Highly Commended in the Best Kept Village Competition, Small Village category for the Stafford Area.  Thanks again to Mr Jubb and the newly formed volunteer group.


Parish Website.           Management of the website continued involving Nigel Ferguson.


Burston Conservation Area Proposal.  Discussions instigated with Stafford Borough Council.


The Public Telephone in Sandon was retained by BT following intervention and discussions with BT by Councillor Harris.


Neighbourhood Plan.  Debts associated with production costs of the abandoned plan have now been paid.


Involvement with the Stone Area Liaison group of Parish Councils continued with Councillor Harris and Councillor Shelley attending meetings, one being hosted by Sandon and Burston.


A visit by a Stafford and Rural Homes representative to a Parish Council meeting was arranged, to discuss Affordable Housing.


The Precept for the current year was raised for the second year running in order to re-establish reserves and fund projects such as the proposed cleaning of the War Memorial and highway / rights of way related issues.


Donations were made to Sandon Parish Room, Oak Tree Farm Rural Project and Stone Lions



Dialogue with other authorities continued throughout the year, namely the County Council and Stafford Borough Council.


County Council :-


A site meeting, arranged through Councillor Parry, with Highway Engineers took place in January to look at the ongoing highway problems – the canal bridge priority system on Stafford Road, road sign clutter at the War Memorial triangle, A51 Burston turn, road marking on the Hilderstone Road and “Gateway” provision on approaches to Sandon and Burston.


Neighbourhood Highway Team         The one off visit to the parish resulted in removing some 30 tons of accumulated soil etc from the pavement alongside the A51 in Sandon.


The Mobile Library service is currently under review again, at present there is one stop in the parish but an addition stop on Hilderstone Road has been requested.


Following a review of Bus Services a revised service began at the beginning of April – 842A, the Stafford to Longton service which stops in Sandon and Burston.

The possibility of providing a Community Shopping Link service to Stafford on Wednesday is currently being investigated in association with Milwich Parish Council


Borough Council :-


Civic Amenity Visit.  The Refuse Vehicle visited on two occasions of one hour duration at Sandon Parish Room Car Park.  This year the service is not being requested.


The Parish Council were consulted on eight planning applications during the year.


Burston Lodge                                    Extension

The School, School Lane        Conversion to two dwellings

Jolpool Cottage                       Extension

Butterhill Farm                        Ancillary Agricultural dwelling

12 Poolside, Burston               Extension

White House Lane Cottage    Extension

Sunnyside, Butterhill Bank     Conversion of Agricultural building to dwelling

Oak Tree Farm Rural Project  Tea Room Extension

2          Statement of the Parish Council Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2018

Presented by the Clerk.


3          Estimates on the Parish Council Finances for the year ended 31st March 2019

Presented by the Clerk.


4          Report from the Parish Councils Representative for Sandon Parish Room Trustees

Presented by Councillor Shelley who is also the Sandon Parish Room Trustees Chairman


The past year has seen a steady income from our usual regular bookings for which the Parish Room

Trustees are most grateful for their support and of course we value the support of the Parish Council.  Although the Trustees are most grateful for the bookings I have to say without the Post Office attending on Tuesdays the Parish Room would be struggling to continue.  Sadly last October, whilst in office as our Treasurer, Mr Dave Cregeen passed away which was a shock to us all as Dave had not joined us and was a much valued member of the Trustees.


The Trustees held a quiz night during the Winter months which was attended by around a dozen people and was enjoyed by all those that took part.  Mr Shelley purchased the old skittles alley from Gayton Village Hall and donated it to the Parish Room, although the alley had been in a shed at Gayton and was water damaged it is currently under restoration and will soon be able to be hired out for parties etc.


5          To received observations of the County Councillor.  Stone Rural Division

Councillor Parry not present.  No report submitted.


6          To receive observations of the District Councillor.  Milwich Ward


Written report submitted by Councillor Frances Beatty and Councillor Andrew Harp.

Update on current Borough Council issues.  Copies available on request.


7          To consider resolutions of which written notice has been given

None received.


8          To deal with any other business raised by Parishioners


8.1       Mrs Selby.  Question regarding the Footpath (No.36)  the section from Burston Pool

to the Canal Bridge.

Response         Repairs to stabilise the bank of the stream were expected to be completed in          the next month.