Minutes November 2019

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 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 13th November 2019 At Sandon Parish Room   Commencing 7.40pm.

Following Public Participation which commenced at 7.30pm



Councillor C Capjon

Councillor R Harris

Councillor S Shelley               Chairman

Councillor H Wildblood

Councillor R Wildblood


District Councillor                  Councillor A Harp

Parishioners :-                          Mrs Selby,  Mr Selby (from 19/ 105) Mr & Mrs Rundle

Mr & Mrs Hudson (to 19/102)


Clerk   Mrs T Gould and the retiring Clerk B A Boughey


19/097             Apologies                                Councillor J T Charlton           (Holiday)

Councillor J Charlton              (Holiday)

19/098             Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Parish Council meeting of 9th October 2019

be signed by the meeting Chairman.


19/099             Chairman’s Announcements

19/099.1          The Chairman welcomed the newly appointed Clerk, Mrs Tina Gould to the meeting.

19/099.2          Commented on the Remembrance Service at the Sandon War Memorial, the laying of

a wreath on behalf of the Parish Council and the good attendance at the Memorial.


19/100             Declarations of Disclosable Personal Interests, Personal Declared Interests and

                        other Personal Interests.       None declared.


19/101             Outstanding Matters             Reports and Updates

19/101.1          A51 Traffic Issues through Sandon including the Burston junctions.

19/101.1.1       Issues raised that are currently being pursued by County Highways.

A51 Slow signs at the top of Butterhill Bank

Dog & Doublet junction road markings

Drain in Burston

Railway Bridge fence on Stafford Road

19/101.1.2       No progress to report.  Road markings waiting for a machine being available.


19/101.2          Footpath 36 -Burston Pool to the Canal Bridge.

19/101.2.1       Following the recent heavy rain damaged to the last repaired section had occurred

resulting in a Temporary Closure Notice being issued by the County Council.

19/101.2.2       Site meetings between the County Council Rights of Way Officer and the Parish

Council had taken place with further meetings expected to expedite repair work

and pursue a re-opening of this important footpath.

19/101.2.3       Councillor Parry and Two Saints Way contact to be made aware of the problem.

13 November 2019 (2)


19/101.3          Sandon Gateways.  No proposals forthcoming from Sandon Estate.


19/101.4          Clearing vegetation from the footpaths on the A51 and Hilderstone roads.

Encroachment of vegetation still requires clearing to maintain a usable footpath.


19/101.5          Road Signs obscured by hedges and those requiring a clean.

19/101.5.1       Waiting for hedge cutting to be completed then assess the problem.


19/101.6          Defibrillator for Burston.

No progress to report.


19/101.7          Burston Car Park – Electric Car Charging Facility.

19/101.7.1       Report from Councillor H Wildblood.

Estimated cost of £3,000 to £5,000 for a double charging point.

19/101.7.2       Discussion regarding alternative sites in Burston.

19/101.7.3       Resolved to maintain an awareness of the need for Car Charging Points and to keep

a ongoing brief on the issue.


19/101.7.4       Appointment of a Clerk and RFO for the Parish Council.

RESOLVED to confirm Mrs Tina Gould appointment from the 1st November 2019.


19/102             Planning

19/102.1          Applications returned to Stafford Borough Council –  Reply Awaited

19/102.1.1       19/30916/FUL                        Old Railway Station.  Workshop / Joinery Building

19/102.1.2       19/31149/FUL                        Butterhill Farm,  Butterhill Bank.  Agricultural Building

19/102.1.3       19/31266/FUL                        Oak Tree Farm Rural Project.  Demolition of former shop and store

buildings and removal of portakabin offices and replacement with

new office and toilet building.

19/102.1.4       19/31325/COU           Stone House Farm,  Church Lane,  Sandon

Change of Use – Dwelling to Childrens Care Home


19/102.2          Application decisions by Stafford Borough Council.                        None

19/102.3          Applications received by the Parish Council for Consultation.          None

19/102.4          Planning Appeals or Queries.              None


19/103             Finance

19/103.1          Financial Statement presented by the Clerk.

19/103.2          Invoice.  LexisNexis.  Book – Local Council Administration. £136.99  LGA 1972 s111.

RESOLVED to pay the invoice.

19/103.3          Invoice              Currys PC World  £727.49 + £145.49.  Total £872.98   LGA 1972 s111.

Purchase of Computer, Printer, associated software, setup and technical support.

Reimbursement to retiring Clerk.  Currys PC World paid by Card. (Cheques not accepted)

RESOLVED to reimburse B A Boughey.

19/103.4          Invoice. Community Transport Stafford.  Shopper Bus. £55.50. Transport Act 1985 106A

RESOLVED to pay the invoice.

19/103.5          Invoice.  Broxap.  Grit Bin  £135.00 + £27.00 VAT  Total £162.00.  LGA 1972 s137

RESOLVED to pay the invoice.

19/103.6          Retiring Clerk’s Half Year Expenses.  Photocopying  £ 29.54    LGA 1972 s111

RESOLVED to reimburse B A Boughey


13 November 2019 (3)


19/103.7          Parish Council Elections May 2019 Recharges from Stafford Borough Council.

Invoices deferred due to work associated with the forthcoming General Election.

19/103.8          Parish Precept  2020 – 2021.  Initial draft for consideration.

Proposals raised by Councillors.  Second draft to be presented for consideration

at the December meeting.  The Precept requires to be finalised at the January meeting.

19/103.9          Concurrent Function Allowance

Suggestion that the Allowance be distributed to the Parish Room or a contribution

donated to Oak Tree Farm Rural Project.


The meeting was adjourned for the County and District Councillor’s reports and convened thereafter.

19/104             Report from County Councillor.

19/104.1          Not present.   No report submitted.


19/105             Report from District Councillor.

19/105.1          Burston Pool.  No further information regarding the new fishing lease arrangements.

19/105.2          New Local Plan.  Start of consultations in the New Year.

19/105.3          Concern regarding proposals for 2000 new homes off Beaconside / Hopton Garage

area which would have an impact on the Sandon Road / Beaconside junctions with

increase in traffic through the Dog & Doublet junction and delays in accessing

Beaconside from Sandon.  Issue to be raised with Councillor Parry.


19/106             Items Raised by Member Councillors / Clerk

19/106.1          Shopper Bus to Stafford.  Future dates arranged.

6th November, 4th December, 8th January, 5th February, 4th March.

19/106.2          Councillor Capjon.

Footpath issue.  The continuation of Footpath 36 to Aston by Stone.

The elevated section is in need of repair.  This was expected to be completed by the

new landowner / bailiff during the current year although weather conditions may

have prevented work on the waterlogged ground.

19/106.2.2       Rights of Way to be reminded about the outstanding work.


19/107             Correspondence

19/107.1          Staffordshire County Council

19/107.1.1       emails regarding Footpath 36 and Footpath Closure Notices.


19/107.2          Stafford Borough Council

19/107.2.1       Parish Forum Notes.  Circulated to Member Councillors for information.


19/107.3          Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association

19/107.3.1       Weekly email update emails circulated for information.

19/107.3.2       Notice of AGM.  Monday 2nd December 6.45pm.  County Building, Stafford

Annual Report and Accounts 2018 – 2019.

19/107.4          Two Saints Way.  New edition of Guide.  For information.


19/108             Date of Next Meeting    Wednesday 11th December 2019.  7.30pm. Sandon Parish Room.

The Meeting concluded at  9.35pm.

Signed ________________    Chairman



Date    ________________




Public Participation Meeting

Notes of the meeting held prior to the

Parish Council Meeting held on 13th November 2019

Commencing at 7.30pm.  Concluding at 7.40pm.



Councillor C Capjon

Councillor R Harris

Councillor S Shelley               Chairman

Councillor H Wildblood

Councillor R Wildblood


District Councillor                  Councillor A Harp

Parishioners :-                          Mrs Selby,  Mr & Mrs Rundle,  Mr & Mrs Hudson

Clerk   B A Boughey


Mrs Selby       Remembrance Service and Sandon War Memorial


Mrs Selby thanked Councillor Shelley for his continuing work on the War Memorial and for the Remembrance display outside his home.

Mr Selby added, following the meeting, that there were only four Legion Members at the service, a call

for volunteers to support the dwindling numbers.


Mr Hudson


Raised the problem of aggressive cattle on land over which Footpath 36 passes.  The section from

the gate prior to the bridge over the brook which connects the two fields, over the Canal Bridge and on towards the Parish boundary at the river.  Land owned by Burston Villa Farm and grazed by cattle belonging to Mr Stubbs.


Councillor Shelley to discuss the problem with Mr Stubbs.