Minutes June 2019

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12 June 2019 (1)




Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 12th June 2019

At Sandon Parish Room   Commencing 7.30pm.


                        Councillor J Charlton

Councillor J T Charlton

Councillor S Shelley               Chairman

Councillor H Wildblood

Councillor R Wildblood


District Councillor                  Councillor A Harp      (from Item 19/043)

Parishioners :-                          Mr & Mrs Rundle

Clerk   B A Boughey


19/036             Apologies                                Councillor C Capjon   (Holiday)

19/037             Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting of 8th May 2019

be signed by the meeting Chairman.

19/038             Chairman’s Announcements           No announcements


19/039             Parish Council Vacancy  Co-option of Member Councillor

19/039.1          RESOLVED that Mr R Harris is co-opted as a Member Councillor.

19/039.1.1       Declarations of Acceptance of Office signed by the candidate.


19/040             Declarations of Disclosable Personal Interests, Personal Declared Interests and

                        other Personal Interests.       None declared.

19/040.1          Stafford Borough Council   Register of Councillors Interest Forms.

Form to be completed by the co-opted Member Councillor within 28 days.


19/041             Outstanding Matters             Reports and Updates

19/041.1          A51 Traffic Issues through Sandon including the Burston junctions.

19/041.1.1       Pursuing a meeting with County Highways through Councillor Parry, to discuss the

40MPH speed limit extension to include the Burston junctions, the Dog & Doublet

Junction with respect to road marking and the additional issue of problems experienced

with traffic entering the single carriageway section South of Sandon.

19/041.1.2       Councillor Shelley reported that whilst working on the Sandon War Memorial for

six hours recently 12 vehicles travelling from the Stone direction turned right at the

Dog & Doublet junction using the first (No Entry) route and 1 vehicle travelling from

Stafford used the right hand (No Entry) route.

19/041.2          Damaged fence at the Railway Bridge on the B5066, Stafford Road, Sandon.

Looking for County Council assistance in pursuing those responsible for its

maintenance – probably Network Rail.

19/041.3          Footpath 36 -Burston Pool to the Canal Bridge.

Gate fastening system still to be completed but a temporary working solution is in place.

19/041.4          Sandon Gateways.  Waiting for proposals from Sandon Estate.

19/041.5          Burston Car Park resurfacing.

Verbal quotation of £500 / £600 for rolling in recycled road surface material.

Requested that a quotation is provided in writing.

12 June 2019 (2)

19/041.6          The Stocks at the Hilderstone Road / Stocks Lane junction

The Parish Council undertook to maintain the Stocks once they were installed

by Mr Selby.

RESOLVED that the Stocks merited repair.

Councillor Shelley and Councillor J T Charlton to check what is required to

undertake the repair.


19/042             Planning

19/042.1          Applications returned to Stafford Borough Council –  Reply Awaited         None

19/042.2          Application decisions by Stafford Borough Council.                        None

19/042.3          Applications received by the Parish Council for Consultation.          None

19/042.4          Planning Appeals or Queries.              None


19/043             Finance

19/043.1          Financial Statement presented by the Clerk.

19/043.2          GDPR Contract with Staffordshire County Council

Invoice for Data Protection Services.  £150  LGA 1972 s111

RESOLVED to pay the invoice.

19/043.3          2018 / 2019 Accounts.  Publishing of information on the Website as required by the                                  Transparency Code.  Exercise of Public Rights period 10th June to 19th July

19/043.4          Insurance Renewal.  Receipt of Employers Liability and Public Liability Certificates

19/043.5          CPRE Membership.  Current the subscription is £29 paid by standing order.

The subscription to become a full member is now £36.

RESOLVED to pay the extra £7.  Agenda Item for the next meeting.


The meeting was adjourned for the County and District Councillor’s reports and convened thereafter.

19/044             Report from County Councillor.   Not present.

19/044.1          In the process of arranging a meeting with Highway officers regarding A51 issues.


19/045             Report from District Councillor.

19/045.1          Burston Pool.  Renewal of Fishing Lease and the drafting of a revised leasing agreement.

Discussion on the issues that should be included related to, fishing stages, maintenance

of the surrounding area, restriction on planting e.g. trees and the retention of two rods

for Burston Hall.

19/045.1.1       Request that the Parish Council view the draft Lease prior to publication.

19/045.2          Cattle gaining access to the Canal towpath.

It was believed from the meeting that cattle had gained access to the towpath through

a damaged metal gate.  It was unclear how the gate could have been damaged in such

a way as significant force would have been required.


19/046             Items Raised by Member Councillors / Clerk

19/046.1          Councillor J T Charlton

The issue of road signs and overgrown highway pathways.

A number of road signs were becoming obscured by hedges and tree branches as well

as requiring a clean.

Pathways with vegetation growing through the tarmac overgrown verges.

19/046.1.1       Lack of maintenance by County Highways is the increasing problem.

Other solutions are required to maintain road signs and pathways.

19/046.1.2       There is still the possibility of involving the Community Payback scheme to address

some of these problems.


12 June 2019 (3)


19/046.2          Councillor Harris

The gully, by the triangle in Burston, had been recently cleared out.

An invoice for £90 has now been presented.

RESOLVED to pay this invoice at the next Parish Council meeting.


19/046.3          Councillor Shelley

Report of vehicles using the No Entry road system at Sandon War Memorial junction.

In a six hour period twelve vehicles travelling down the A51 from the Stone direction

turned right on to Stafford Road using the No Entry slip. One vehicle travelling from

Stafford used the No Entry slip to gain access on to the A51.

19/046.3.1       County Highways have scheduled road marking at this junction for more than a year.

To re-emphasise to County Highways the urgency of this work being completed.


19/047             Correspondence

19/047.1          Staffordshire County Council                        None


19/047.2          Stafford Borough Council


19/047.3          Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association

19/047.3.1       Weekly email update emails circulated for information.

19/047.3.2       Training Courses available for Councillor.  Fee paid by the Parish Council


19/047.4          Stone Liaison Meeting.  19th June.  Frank Jordan Centre  3.00pm.

19/047.4.1       Councillor Harris intends to attend the meeting.


19/047.5          email received from Mr P Shaw.

Reporting that foul water was getting into Jolpool Brook between the railway bridge

on Burston Lane and the road bridge on Woodcock Lane resulting in foaming water

in the brook near the new gate on Footpath 36.


19/048             Date of Next Meeting            Wednesday 10th July 2019.  7.30pm Sandon Parish Room.



The Meeting concluded at  9.40pm.


Signed ________________    Chairman




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