Minutes July 2019

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10 July 2019 (1)


 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 10th July 2019

At Sandon Parish Room   Commencing 7.30pm.


                        Councillor C Capjon

Councillor J Charlton

Councillor J T Charlton

Councillor S Shelley               Chairman

Councillor H Wildblood

Councillor R Wildblood


District Councillor                  Councillor A Harp

Parishioners :-                          Mrs J Selby,  Mr & Mrs Rundle

Clerk   B A Boughey


19/049             Apologies                                Councillor R Harris     (Holiday)


19/050             Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Parish Council meeting of 12th June 2019

be signed by the meeting Chairman.

19/051             Chairman’s Announcements           No announcements


19/052             Declarations of Disclosable Personal Interests, Personal Declared Interests and

                        other Personal Interests.       None declared.


19/053             Outstanding Matters             Reports and Updates

19/053.1          A51 Traffic Issues through Sandon including the Burston junctions.

19/053.1.1       Meeting with County Highways and Councillor Parry arranged for 12th July in

Sandon and Burston.

Issues to be raised :-   A51 40MPH extension through the Burston junctions,

Dog & Doublet junction,  Canal Bridge priority system,  A51 dual carriageway at

the point where it is channelled into a single lane,  the drain in Burston at the first

triangle, the fence at the Railway Bridge on the B5066 and the status of the road

which is a continuation of Woodcock Lane up to the railway crossing (classified on

the Ordnance Map as a BOAT.

19/053.2          Damaged fence at the Railway Bridge on the B5066, Stafford Road, Sandon.

To be raised with County Highways at the forthcoming meeting.

19/053.3          Footpath 36 -Burston Pool to the Canal Bridge.

Gate fastening system still to be completed and problems continue with cattle.

Possibility of cattle gaining access on to the footpath through the hedge.

19/053.3.1       Mr Shaw proposing to install a stile beyond the gate if problems persist.

19/053.3.2       Other options such as installing a Kissing Gate being considered.

19/053.4          Burston Car Park resurfacing.

Quotation of £550 + VAT confirmed by Roe Contractors for supplying 5 tons of

tarmac planings, levelling and compacting.

19/053.4.1       RESOLVED to accept the quotation and proceed with the work.

19/053.5          Sandon Gateways.  Waiting for proposals from Sandon Estate.


10 July 2019 (2)

19/053.6          The Stocks at the Hilderstone Road / Stocks Lane junction

19/053.6.1       RESOLVED to remove the deteriorating stocks and construct replacement

replica stocks

19/053.7          Clearing vegetation from the footpaths on the A51 and Hilderstone roads.

Involvement of a Community Payback team.  Waiting for a Project Coordinator to

assess the risk of working alongside the A51.


19/054             Planning

19/054.1          Applications returned to Stafford Borough Council –  Reply Awaited         None

19/054.2          Application decisions by Stafford Borough Council.                        None

19/054.3          Applications received by the Parish Council for Consultation.

19/054.3.1       19/30601/FUL                        Shaw Wood Farm.  New Cattle Shed and Dairy

19/054.3.2       19/30711/FUL                        Shaw Wood Farm.  New Slurry Lagoon

19/054.3.3       19/30799/NOTH         Open Reach.  Pole at Home Farm Lodge.

RESOLVED not to raise any objections to the above applications.


19/054.4          Planning Appeals or Queries.              None


19/055             Finance

19/055.1          Financial Statement presented by the Clerk.

19/055.2          Clerk’s Quarterly Salary. Gross £387.50.  Net £310.10  PAYE £77.40  LGA 1972 s112(2)

RESOLVED to pay the Net Salary to the Clerk and PAYE to HMRC

19/055.3          CPRE.  Additional Subscription payment £7.00   LGA 1972 s137

RESOLVED to pay the additional £7.00 to comply as CPRE Members.

19/055.3.1       RESOLVED to cancel the Standing Order to CPRE for £29.00 and replace it with

cheque payment of £36.00 in May for subsequent annual subscription payments.

19/055.4          Invoice.  Community Transport (Stafford)  May Stafford Shopper Bus £58.00

RESOLVED to pay the invoice.   LGA 1972 s137.

19/055.5          Invoice.  Howards Accountants.  Payroll Services for 2018 / 2019. £90.00 + £18.00 VAT

RESOLVED to pay the total invoice of £108.00.   LGA 1972 s111.

19/055.6          Invoice.  Brookside Business Park. £140.00  Clearing drains in Burston.

RESOLVED to pay the invoice.   Public Health Act 1936 s260.


The meeting was adjourned for the County and District Councillor’s reports and convened thereafter.

19/056             Report from County Councillor.   Not present.

19/056.1          Meeting arranged with County Highway officers on 12th July.


19/057             Report from District Councillor.

19/057.1          Burston Pool.  Renewal of Fishing Lease and the drafting of a revised leasing agreement.

Councillor Harp to continue checking on the terms included in the new Fishing Lease,

that issues raised by Burston residents and the Parish Council are addressed.

19/057.2          Signs erected at Burston Pool.

One sign relating to Dog Fouling was erected by Stafford Borough, the second sign

erected by the Fishing Club relating to trespass has been removed.








10 July 2019 (3)

19/058             Items Raised by Member Councillors / Clerk

19/058.1          Councillor H Wildblood

19/058.1.1       The distribution of Parish Council Agendas, Minutes and Financial Statements.

Suggestion that this information is sent by email rather than the printed version

being delivered.

RESOLVED and approved by all Parish Councillors present that the meeting

information is sent by email.  All current Member Councillors have email addresses.

19/058.1.2       The state of Woodcock Lane beyond the turn to Burston Villa Farm.

This section of Highway is classified as a BOAT (Byway Open to All Traffic)

The poor state of the highway to be raised at the forthcoming meeting with Highways.

19/058.2          Councillor J T Charlton

19/058.2.1       Need for Member Councillors to have a greater understand of the Parish topography.

RESOLVED to meet at The Greyhound on 27th July for a tour around Burston.

19/058.3          Councillor Capjon.

Reporting on the Burston Tea Party.  Approximately £1,100 raised for the village.

19/058.4          Councillor Shelley

Senior Parishioners Lunch.   Seeking approval to go ahead and organise the lunch.

RESOLVED to proceed with the arrangements.

19/058.5          Councillor R Wildblood

Raising the issue of a need for a Defibrillator in Burston.

Possibility of using some of the funds raised at the Tea Party.  Agenda item.

19/058.6          Clerk

19/058.6.1       Insurance issues in relation to Delegated Functions undertaken by the Parish Council.

Limits of work that can be undertaken by volunteers and those directly employed by

the Parish Council.

19/058.6.2       The Clerk announced his intention to retired when a replacement is found.


19/059             Correspondence

19/059.1          Staffordshire County Council                        None

19/059.2          Stafford Borough Council                  None


19/059.3          Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association

19/059.3.1       Weekly email update emails circulated for information.


19/059.4          Stone Liaison Meeting.  19th June.  Frank Jordan Centre  3.00pm.

Councillor Harris attended the meeting.  Need for increased cooperation between

Parish Councils and to place the Liaison Group on a more formal footing as an


19/059.5          Stone Lions donation request. Raising funds for their annual Prostate screening session.

RESOLVED to place the request on next meetings Agenda with a suggestion of

donating £80.00.


19/060             Date of Next Meeting            Wednesday 14th August 2019.  7.30pm Sandon Parish Room.


The Meeting concluded at  9.15pm.


Signed ________________    Chairman




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