Minutes January 2019

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09 January 2019 (1)


 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 9th January 2019

At Sandon Parish Room   Commencing at 7.30pm.


Councillor C Capjon

Councillor J Charlton

Councillor S Shelley               Chairman

                         District Councillor      Councillor A Harp

Clerk   B A Boughey


18/118             Apologies                                            Councillor R Harris

Councillor R Wildblood

18/118.1          Other Apologies          County Councillor      Councillor I Parry

18/119             Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Parish Council meeting of 12th December 2018

be signed by the meeting Chairman.

18/120             Chairman’s Announcements

18/120.1          The Chairman had received a letter of resignation from Councillor Hickey, citing a

change in circumstances for the coming year.

18/120.1.1       Stafford Borough Council to be notified.  As the resignation has been submitted within

six months of a normal four yearly Parish Council election cycle there will be no call

for an election but the Parish Council may co-opt.


18/121             Declarations of Disclosable Personal Interests, Personal Declared Interests and

                        other Personal Interests.                   None declared.


18/122             Outstanding Matters             Reports and Updates

18/122.1          Community Transport

Three further dates arranged for the Stafford Shopper Bus from Milwich and Sandon.

30th January, 27th February and 27th March.

18/122.2          A51 Traffic issues through Sandon including the Burston junctions.

Councillor Parry unavoidably unable to attend the meeting.

18/122.3          Burston Car Park resurface.

Preliminary quotation from Roe Contractors.  Options for guidance involving different

grades of tarmac, all include similar drainage and soak away chamber provision.

£4,350,   £4,110 and £3,500.  Excluding VAT.

18/122.3.1       Consideration to be given to other options and further discussion.

18/122.4          Burston Lane Grit / Salt Box proposal

18/122.4.1       Current review by County Highways of Boxes and refilling.

RESOLVED to wait until the review is complete before considering purchase of a

Box for siting adjacent to the Railway Bridge.

18/122.5          Hilderstone Road Gate and Fence

Discussion on the fence section and its purpose and means of highlighting the gate

and fence generally.   Reflectors and Bollards to be considered.


                                                                                                                        09 January 2019 (2)


18/122.6          Damaged fence at the Railway Bridge on the B5066, Stafford Road, Sandon.

18/122.6.1       Clerk’s Report.  No progress with County Highways or Network Rail.

18/122.7          Footpath 36 – Burston Pool to the Canal Bridge

Problem with the reconstructed section following the recent brook high flow levels.

18/122.7.1       Repairs completed under the direction of Councillor Harris.

Further work being considered on the opposite side of the bank to the footpath,

to achieve a lower the flow level at this narrow point.

18/122.8          Continuation of Footpath 36 into Stone Rural Parish, Footpath 23.

Problem with brash being laid on a marshy section making underfoot conditions worse.

18/122.8.1       Councillor Harp to inform the Chairman of Stone Rural of the problem although

remedial work by the bailiff may be difficult during the Winter period.


18/123             Planning

18/123.1          Applications returned to Stafford Borough Council –  Reply Awaited                     None

18/123.2          Application decisions by Stafford Borough Council.                        None

18/123.3          Applications received by the Parish Council for Consultation.          None

18/123.4          Planning Appeals or Queries               None


18/124             Finance

18/124.1          Financial Statement presented by the Clerk.  Bank Statement reconciliation checked.

18/124.2          Clerk’s Quarterly Salary. Gross £387.50. Net £310.10. PAYE £77.40. LGA 1972 s112(2)

RESOLVED to pay the Clerk’s Net Quarterly Salary and the PAYE to HMRC

18/124.3          2019 / 2020 Precept budget

18/124.3.1       RESOLVED to set a Precept of £9,535.00 which results in no change to householders

Parish Council element of the Council Tax bill compared with the current year.


                                                                                                                        09 January 2019 (3)

The meeting was adjourned for the County and District Councillor’s reports and convened thereafter.

18/125             Report from County Councillor.     Not present.  No report submitted.


18/126             Report from District Councillor.

Councillor Harp reported on relevant issues as they arose during the meeting.


18/127             Items Raised by Member Councillors / Clerk

18/127.1          Councillor Charlton

Problems with dog fouling around the School Lane loop, off the A51 in Sandon.

18/127.1.1       Councillor Harp to contact Stafford Borough (Streetscene) about the possibility of

placing  a Dog Bin around the junction of the to lanes.

18/127.2          Councillor Shelley

Additional Street Lights on the A51 between the Hilderstone Road

and the Burston junction.

18/127.2.1       At the request of residents a check on the possibility of six additional lights giving a

50 metre spacing plus considering the position of power poles along the footway.

18/127.2.2       County Highways to be contacted regarding feasibility and costs.


18/128             Correspondence

18/128.1          Staffordshire County Council                        None

 18/128.2          Stafford Borough Council                  None

 18/128.3          Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association

18/128.3.1       Weekly email update emails circulated for information.

18/129             Date of Next Meeting    Wednesday 13th February 2019.

The Meeting concluded at  8.58pm.



Signed ________________    Chairman




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