Minutes April 2019

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10 April 2019 (1)




Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 10th April 2019

At Sandon Parish Room   Commencing at 7.30pm.


Councillor C Capjon

Councillor J Charlton

                        Councillor R Harris

Councillor S Shelley               Chairman

Councillor R Wildblood

                        District Councillor      Councillor A Harp

Parishioners                 Mrs Selby,  Mr Wildblood,  Mrs Rundle

Clerk   B A Boughey


19/001             Apologies        None


19/002             Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Parish Council meeting of 13th March 2019

be signed by the meeting Chairman.


19/003             Chairman’s Announcements

19/003.1          The Chairman thanked Councillor Harris for the ongoing work of re-coating the

outside of the Bus Shelters.


19/004             Declarations of Disclosable Personal Interests, Personal Declared Interests and

                        other Personal Interests.

19/004.1          None declared.


19/005             Outstanding Matters             Reports and Updates

19/005.1          Community Transport

Four residents from Sandon and three residents from Milwich used the

Stafford Shopper Bus service on 27th March,

The next service is on 24th April. Other dates arranged – 22nd May, & 19th June.

19/005.2          A51 Traffic issues through Sandon including the Burston junctions.

19/005.2.1       Clerk’s Report of a meeting with Councillor Parry.

Issues raised included the A51 40MPH extension to include the Burston junctions,

the road markings at the Dog & Doublet junction and the petition organised by

Mr Bayliss of Erdeswickes House.

19/005.3          Damaged fence at the Railway Bridge on the B5066, Stafford Road, Sandon.

This issue was raised with Councillor Parry at the same meeting.

19/005.4          Dog Fouling Bin for Church Lane

19/005.4.1       Councillor Harp reported that Stafford Borough would provide a Bin and arrange

for Bin emptying at no cost to the Parish Council.


19/006             Planning

19/006.1          Applications returned to Stafford Borough Council –  Reply Awaited                     None

19/006.2          Application decisions by Stafford Borough Council.                        None

19/006.3          Applications received by the Parish Council for Consultation.          None

19/006.4          Planning Appeals or Queries               None

                                                                                                                        10 April 2019 (2)

19/007             Finance

19/007.1          Financial Statement presented by the Clerk.  Bank Statement reconciliation checked.

19/007.2          Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association.  Annual Subscription.  £127.00

RESOLVED to pay the subscription.  LGA 1972 s143.

19/007.3          Clerk’s Photocopying   April 2018 to March 2019.   £49.31  1972 s111

19/007.4          Clerk’s Postage   April 2018 to March 2019.   £17.88  LGA 1972 s111

RESOLVED to reimburse the Clerk for 2018 / 2019 expenses. Total £67.19.

19/007.5          Invoice   Community Transport (Stafford)  March Shopper Bus  £55.50.

RESOLVED to pay the invoice.  LGA 1972 s137.

19/007.6          Invoice  Nigel Ferguson.  Website Annual Fee for 2019 / 20.  £320.00.LGA 1972 s142

RESOLVED to pay the invoice.

19/007.7          End of Year Accounts.

19/007.7.1       Signing Financial Accounts Book, Receipts & Payments Statements &

Supporting Statement.

Documents signed by the Chairman and the Clerk.

19/007.7.2       Internal Audit arrangements.  Arranged with Hands & Co. for 7th May

19/007.7.3       External Auditor requirements.

Documents received, to be completed following the Internal Audit.

19/007.8          Financial Internal Audit Calendar and Event Diary.  Issue 3   6th April 2017.

No changes required.

19/007.9          Accident Risk and Financial Risk Assessments.  Issue 6   6th April 2017

No changes required.

19/007.10        Bank Mandate change confirmation.

Councillor Charlton replacing ex Councillor Hickey confirmed by Nat West Bank.

Two out of three named Councillors to sign cheques plus the Clerk.

Councillor Shelley, Councillor Wildblood, Councillor Charlton.


The meeting was adjourned for the County and District Councillor’s reports and convened thereafter.

19/008             Report from County Councillor.     Not present.

19/008.1          Clerk’s Report resulting from the meeting with Councillor Parry.

Highway and the fence at the railway bridge on Stafford Road issues previously referred

to in Outstanding Matters.

Other matters discussed was the use of Divisional Highway Programme funding to target

specific issues, specifically drain and gully clearing.  Installation of Gateways to enhance

the perspective of approaching a built up area.


19/009             Report from District Councillor.

19/009.1          Councillor Harp reported on relevant issues as they arose during the Agenda Items.

19/009.2          Raising concern about a tree lying across Footpath 36 being a potential danger to those

using the footpath from Burston Pool to the Canal Bridge.


19/010             Items Raised by Member Councillors / Clerk

19/010.1          Relating to asset accident risk assessments.  Check on Bus Shelters, Noticeboards,

Benches at Poolside in Burston, Hilderstone Road Bench, Burston Car Park and the

Flag Pole, plus the Stocks on the green triangle at Stocks Lane (not owned by the Council)

19/010.2          A51 Highway issues generally but relating to the Burston junctions and an extension to

the 40MPH limit in particular.

RESOLVED to request a meeting with Highways and for the Chairman to discuss the

outcome of the recent petition with Mr Bayliss.



                                                                                                                        10 April 2019 (3)

19/010.3          Councillor Capjon

Burston Car Park.

Reporting that some Burston residents were considering laying stone on the

surface of the Car Park.

Members considered that there were problems with this approach and that the

Council would look into alternatives to laying tarmac by using a more cost

effective surface treatment such as rolling in road surface scrapings.

19/010.4          Councillor Shelley.

Sandon Estate proposals for Sandon Gateways.

The Estate to provide an outline sketch of the proposed gateways and their location.

19/010.5          Councillor Charlton

Update on the possible involvement of the Community Payback scheme in clearing

vegetation from highway verges and pathways.


19/011             Correspondence

19/011.1          Staffordshire County Council

19/011.1.1       A51 and Hilderstone Road verge and pathway clearing.

Highways would collect the resulting spoil if a safe location could be found to load

the spoil using a lorry with a grab.

19/011.1.2       Street Lighting on Burston Lane

Highways considered that the lighting was adequate for this rural location but the

ageing units would be upgraded in a future maintenance programme.


19/011.2          Stafford Borough Council

19/011.2.1       Parish Council Elections – 2nd May 2019.  Nominations now closed.

                        Four nominations for seven places received.  Sufficient for a quorum with the

ability to co-opt Councillors for a period of 35 days following the election date.

19/011.2.2       Notice that the District Election would be contested with five nominations for the two

Milwich Ward Council vacancies.


19/011.3          Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association

19/011.3.1       Weekly email update emails circulated for information.


19/011.4          Burston Pool Fishing Lease Renewal.  1st July.

It is understood that the Borough Council will consider tender submissions.

19/011.5          Stone Liaison Group Meeting

Minutes of the 30th January meeting circulated.

Date of next meeting – 19th June 3.00pm at Frank Jordan Centre, Stone.


19/012             Date of Next Meeting            Wednesday 8th May 2019.  The Annual Meeting of the

                                                                        Parish Council following the Annual Parish Assembly

which commences at 7.30pm.

The Meeting concluded at  9.40pm.

Signed ________________    Chairman



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