Agenda April 2019

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Notice is hereby given that a Meeting of SANDON and BURSTON PARISH COUNCIL

will be held on WEDNESDAY 10th April 2019 at Sandon Parish Room Commencing at 7.30pm.

Members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend




Prior to and at the conclusion of the meeting Members of the Public are invited to ask questions or make statements otherwise Standing Orders are adopted to regulate meeting business, unless revoked.



1          Apologies


  1. Minutes Meeting of the Parish Council 13th March 2019.


  1. Chairman’s Announcements


  1. Declarations of interests

4.1       DPI, Personal Declared Interests and other Personal Interests.


  1. Outstanding Matters Reports and Updates

5.1       Community Link Shopper Bus to Stafford.   Service dates 24th April. 22nd May. 19th June.

5.2       A51 Traffic Issues through Sandon including the Burston turns.

5.3       B5066 Stafford Road – damaged Railway Bridge fence.

5.4       Dog Fouling Bin for Church Lane


  1. Planning

6.1       Applications returned to Stafford Borough Council – Reply Awaited

6.2       Application Decisions by Stafford Borough Council

6.3       Applications received by the Parish Council for Consultation.


6.4       Planning Appeals or Queries               None


7          Finance

7.1       Financial Statement and Bank Account Reconciliation.

7.2       Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association.  Annual Subscription.  £127.00 LGA 1972 s143.

7.3       Clerk’s Photocopying   April 2018 to March 2019.   £49.31  1972 s111

7.4       Clerk’s Postage   April 2018 to March 2019.   £17.88  LGA 1972 s111

7.5       To consider any other payments previously sanctioned.

7.6       End of Year Accounts.

7.6.1    Signing Financial Accounts Book, Receipts & Payments Statements & Supporting Statement

7.6.2    Internal Audit arrangements

7.6.3    External Auditor requirements

7.7       Financial Internal Audit Calendar and Event Diary.  Issue 3   6th April 2017.

7.8       Accident Risk and Financial Risk Assessments.  Issue 6   6th April 2017

7.9       Bank Mandate change confirmation.


  1. Report from County Councillor

8.1       Report of the meeting between Councillor Parry and the Clerk.


  1. Report from District Councillor


  1. Items Raised by Member Councillors / Clerk

10.1     Asset Safety checks.  Bus Shelters, Noticeboards, Benches on the Poolside at Burston,

Hilderstone Road Bench,  Flag Pole, Burston Car Park.

10.2     Bus Shelter maintenance, treating wooden surfaces.



  1. Correspondence

11.1     Staffordshire County Council

11.1.1  Response to the petition organised by Mr Bayliss –

Request to Improve Traffic Flow and Safety in the Village of Sandon.

11.1.2  County Highways    A51 and Hilderstone Road Footpath clearing.  Burston Lane Street Lights


11.2     Stafford Borough Council

11.2.1  Parish Council Elections.


11.3     Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association

11.3.1  Weekly email updates for information.


11.4     Burston Pool Fishing Lease Renewal.  1st July 2019.

11.5     Stone Liaison Group Meeting.

11.5.1  Minutes of the 30th January meeting and the draft letter from Councillor Davies re Planning.

11.5.2  Date of next meeting.  19th June.  Frank Jordan Centre.  3.00pm.


11.5     Any other correspondence received by the meeting date, for information.


  1. Date of Next Meeting      Wednesday 8th May 2019   Sandon Parish Room

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council after the 2nd May election.

Following the Annual Parish Assembly which commences at 7.30pm.



2nd April 2019





B A Boughey


Telephone        01889 502757